Hi,  my name is  Ernest Navarre, Jr.  I starter making donuts in 1967 at 12 years of age.   By time I was 17 my dad  built me a little 504 square foot donut shop in Amite, Louisiania for $2,400.  It was the last $2,400 dollars to his name.  I opened  on April 16, 1972 under the name Ernie's Donut King.  After ten years I started working on my own king cake recipe.  I worked on that recipe for 2 years and I feel that it is the best  king cake recipe that I ever made.

We been open at our current location since 29 October 2005 under the name Navarre's Famous King Cakes.

Years  later I PAID BACK my father his initial $2,400 plus interest.